Amber Glass Euro Round BOTTLES ONLY 18mm- (Varied Count)

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Amber Glass Euro Round Bottles Only.

Caps and tips not included.

5mL- Package of 765

Max Label Size: 27mmx67mm

10mL- Package of 768

Max Label Size: 32mmx76mm

15mL- Package of 468

Max Label Size: 38mmx93mm

30mL- Package of 330

Max Label Size: 47mmx103mm

50mL- Package of 264

Max Label Size: 56mmx115mm

60mL- Package of 240

Max Label Size: 52mmx121mm

100mL- Package of 140

Max Label Size: 72mmx138mm

120mL- Package of 126

Max Label Size: 66mmx152mm

Amber Glass Dropper Bottles only.

Does not include caps or tips.

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