Miron Glass Euro Round Bottles & DripTrap Dropper Assembly Set- (Varied Count)

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SMELL-PROOF and AIRTIGHT- Heavy durable ultraviolet glass blocks air exchange and locks in aroma. Premium UltraViolet Glass (UV-A) protects against harmful light. Storage containers perfect for storing perfumes, colognes, tinctures, essential oils and any other liquid requiring precise measurement and protect your liquid potency for up to 2 + years. The matching dropper assemblies are available in multiple closure styles and are equipped with the DripTrap bulb, which eliminates leaking. There is also an option for graduated pipettes, perfect for accurate dosing. 

5mL- Package of 612

10mL- Package of 640

15mL- Package of 480

30mL- Package of 264

50mL- Package of 180

100mL- Package of 120