20mm Standard Dropper Assembly w/ Plastic Pipette- 76mm

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Dropper Assemblies are composed of three main parts:

Bulb: We only use the leak-resistant patented DripTrap dropper bulbs in our assemblies. The bulb is made of premium lab quality silicone and is designed to allow for a full 1ml draw with each squeeze. Color: Black

Cap: The caps are polypropylene ribbed standard caps with a 20-400 neck finish. Color: Black

Pipette: These pipettes are made of plastic (polypropylene), have a 76mm length (best for 30mL bottles), and are only available graduated. The (4) graduation marks are molded rather than printed on to ensure the graduation marks don't rub when touching the product. Graduated: Yes

Sold by the case (200 count).

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