Eliminate the leak!


Why Choose The DripTrap?

DripTrap’s Patent Pending Dropper Assembly Eliminates Leaks!


DripTrap’s enhanced dropper assembly was designed and engineered with the rigors of modern supply chain distribution methods in mind, its predecessor was not.


The rise of internet-based markets and distributors have increased reliance on store-to-door delivery methods by trucks and airplanes which introduced a number of factors that contribute to leakage.


Vibration- which occurs during transport either on a pallet, inside a delivery box or inside the consumers’ purse, bag or pocket. (Excessive vibration causes the cap to vibrate counter-clockwise loosening the seal and allowing liquid inside the bottle to seep out.)

Change in Temperature- This also occurs during transportation. Bottles that are filled and sealed in a warm climate and then shipped to cold climate can leak. (Cold temperature causes the seal to shrink leaving a gap that also allows liquid to escape)

Atmospheric Pressure- This also occurs during transportation. Shipment by airplane or consumer travel can also cause the seal to separate. (Pressure inside the bottle is greater than its surrounding environment therefore putting pressure on the seal causing leakage)

Assembly Line Related Loose Cap- Assembly lines use automatic capping machines that rely on torque or preset rotations to screw on the dropper assembly. (These machines can sometimes produce inconsistent results leading to a loose cap that also causes leakage.)

Consumer Related Loose Cap- Consumers routinely do not apply enough torque required to re-seal the bottle. Especially elderly consumers with limited strength.

Minor Imperfections- Bottles are not always perfect and many have microscopic striations on the top of the bottle neck that can create microscopic channels allowing low viscosity liquids to seep-out between the seal and bottle neck.


A typical dropper assembly for a dropper bottle performs 3 main functions

-Secure and position pipette

                    -Draw in and dispense measured doses

          -Secure the contents of the bottle


The bulb portion of the dropper assembly is involved in the performance of all three functions. The bulb secures the pipette, creates the vacuum to draw and dispense doses and seals the bottle. Unlike traditional dropper bulbs that simply just create a surface compression seal on the top of the bottle, DripTrap’s enhanced bulb extends down into the neck of the bottle. The extension adds more surface area of the bulb interacting with the bottle creating a vastly improved seal. DripTrap’s enhanced bulb more than doubles the surface area of the seal. Furthermore, the conical shape of the extended portion is slightly larger than the bottle opening, causing a corking action that better grips the inside of the bottle.


DripTrap’s enhanced bulb protects against vibrations, temperature changes, atmospheric pressure, bottle imperfections or a loose cap. DripTrap’s enhanced bulb completely eliminates the leak.